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Author-tube is a group within Youtube of writers and authors that make writing related videos. A lot these videos focus on writing advice. These are a few of the Author-tubers I’ve found that have been the most helpful to me in my writing journey.

Jenna Moreci

Jenna Moreci is the author of the sci-fi novel, Eve: The Awakening, as well as the dark fantasy series: The Savior’s Champion and The Savior’s Sister. Jenna is a hilarious, no-bullshit type of advice giver. She’s not going to sugar-coat or tiptoe around your feelings. She’s going to give it to you straight. Jenna’s writing advice is truly gold. She has a video on every aspect of writing a great book, publishing, and marketing. And will crack you up with her fun personality along the way.

Vivien Reis

Vivien Reis is the author of the fantasy novel, The Elysian Prophesy. Vivien has tons of practical writing advice. I especially love that she not only talks about the writing itself, but she goes into the mechanics of writing. She has videos on software she uses and dictation. These tools can be a huge help to writers! She is also a very talented cover designer!


These websites are all different places that provide different information and tools to aid your writing.

The Better Novel Project

Better Novel Project is a website that deconstructs popular YA novels to analyze what makes them work. There are tons of useful information and posts on this site, but my favorite is the Master Outline. This outline might just change your life. When I first started writing I found it hard to become the writer and not just the reader. This outline helps lay out exactly what goes into Bestselling YA novels. This is by no means something you need to stick to 100% because every book is different. But it does help to organize and control all the details you’ll need to think about in your book.

My Write Club

My Write Club is a website to track your goals. You can set writing goals by word count, scenes, pages, etc. You can update your goal as you go to see how close you are to the finish line! You can also add friends so you can see their goals as well. My favorite feature of this site is the writing sprints! You can create your own custom writing sprint or you can join the global sprint. Here you’ll have about 25 minutes to crank out your words. You can see how many words you’ve written as well as everyone else’s in the sprint.


Scrivener is a writing software that really helps organize the chaos that is writing a book. There are built in sections for characters, chapters, settings, and many others. It’s also customizable.  You can add your own sections as you please. Scrivener will also help you format when it comes to publishing!

About Me

Bios are weird. I'm a 20 something-year-old writer who works full-time fixing technology. I'm marrying my best friend next year. I have two fur-babies! Corny dad jokes are my favorite. Like any writer, coffee is my lifeblood. I need more friends that read so I can talk to them about books. I hate cake. I love ice cream. I wish I was better at Twitter. I like making new writer friends so comment, email, stalk me, talk to me on social media. JK. Don't stalk me. Don't be weird.

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Writing Resources

When I first started writing for more than just myself I burned through just about every resource I could trying to learn more about the craft. I read books on writing, I joined writing communities, I watched writing videos on YouTube, I prayed to the writing gods, I was a vacuum for knowledge. Over the years I discovered that some of these resources were more helpful to me than others. So here's some of my favorite writing resources compiled so that they may help somebody else.