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About Me

Bios are weird. I'm a 20 something-year-old writer who works full-time fixing technology. I'm marrying my best friend next year. I have two fur-babies! Corny dad jokes are my favorite. Like any writer, coffee is my lifeblood. I need more friends that read so I can talk to them about books. I hate cake. I love ice cream. I wish I was better at Twitter. I like making new writer friends so comment, email, stalk me, talk to me on social media. JK. Don't stalk me. Don't be weird.

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Writing Resources

When I first started writing for more than just myself I burned through just about every resource I could trying to learn more about the craft. I read books on writing, I joined writing communities, I watched writing videos on YouTube, I prayed to the writing gods, I was a vacuum for knowledge. Over the years I discovered that some of these resources were more helpful to me than others. So here's some of my favorite writing resources compiled so that they may help somebody else.