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This is a poem I wrote for one of my poetry classes. Enjoy!

I turn off the alarm and start my day.
Every one feels the same.
Autopilot my life away.

Tasks, chores and obligations
are like sand filling me up.
Making me heavy
and leaving room for nothing else.

My office chair is where I do my time,
chained to the wheels that go nowhere.
I click my mouse like a metronome,
tapping my feet to my jailhouse beat.

The hour hand hasn’t moved.
And neither have I.

I’ve put in my time so now I drive
back home to submit the time that I owe.

Checking chores off my list
and making sure there’s none I’ve missed.
It’s finally time to sleep.

But here, I get no rest.
Every night I sleep with bricks
on my chest.
Heaviness suffocating me.
No room to breathe.

My thoughts are winged.
They swoop down,
attacking me.

Try as I might to bat them away,
there are too many.
Too many.

I wake unrested.
Tired from battles I fight alone.
I turn off the alarm and start my day.