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Time is our most valuable asset. It’s what we always feel we need more of. Except for the weird hours between 9 and 5 that seem to loom on forever if you’re desk dweller like me. So how do we make time for our craft? Give our characters and plots the valuable hours they need and deserve? Well, that’s what this blog post is all about. Let’s talk about it.

The Write-Every-Day-MYTH

You heard me. It’s a myth. I don’t know how these writers’ lives are set up, but this is not feasible for me. Or for many other writers. I work full-time, go to school full-time, work on my writing, manage my website, on top of being a fiance, and having two animals, grocery shopping, housely duties…I could go on but I doubt I need to because these are all things a lot of other people have to manage. You do not need to write every day to be a writer, to be successful, to feel adequate, or for any other reason. If writing is your full-time job, then writing every day is totally possible. But if it’s not, don’t let this old writer myth make you feel inadequate!

Consistency is Key

Let’s replace the “write every day” myth with some actual advice. Write consistently. You can’t be successful in something you don’t make a priority. If you let excuses get in the way of you writing on a regular basis you’re never going to finish that book. Half the battle is writing the damn thing. So write the damn thing. Set aside some time on a regular (not every day) basis and don’t let yourself come up with excuses for why you can’t write. Show up for your book. This is your dream remember? It’s not a punishment or a chore. It’s something you love! Most the time anyway. Consistency is key and the key to consistency is to make a plan!

Make a Plan

A plan is how you stay consistent without becoming a slave to your book. Plan out your writing days. Make goals. Then make sure you reach them. Your writing plan doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s. It will greatly depend on your schedule and you as a person. What time of the day are you most productive? You don’t want to plan your writing times when you’re brain is uncooperative and basically mush. So incorporate that into your schedule. Write it down and let your loved ones know that this is writing time and you are not to be interrupted!

And to make your writing time even more productive, plan out what you’ll be writing. If you have an hour before work to write you’re not going to want to spend 30 minutes figuring out where you’re at and what you need to write next. The night before, take some quick notes about where you ended your last writing session and take a peek at where you are in your outline. It takes 5 minutes!

This is really all it comes down to. Consistency and planning. Going days and days without writing is going to make it harder to reach your goals. The same as not having a plan will. A solid schedule that keeps you working towards your goals on a regular basis will get you that much closer to success. I’ll be posting an example of my schedule to help you create your own! So keep a lookout for that (:

Until next time, my writing folk!